Commute Awesome

Normal is based on perspective! If you have red hair and all of your friends have red hair, red hair is your normal.

Normal is comfortable. But a single glance of the outside world reminds us that our normal is pretty small.

So, jump out of your comfort zone. Meet new people. Experience new things. Learn something new!!

I love to learn! But for 5 years, I worked the grime of a salary position and between the stress of every HOT and urgent daily need, I forgot I enjoyed learning. In fact, I forgot I liked anything. There was zero enjoyment to life. No joy. No ambition. No interest in learning. And no energy to imagine anything outside of that “normal”. Even though that phase didn’t make me happy, it was my normal and I shared it with hundreds of others!

But I finally found my passion for knowledge again, and now I learn everything! Cryptocurrency, epigenetics, nutrition, finances, medical science, marketing. Everything! And even though I have the same job, my perspective has changed!!!

Knowledge expands your horizons and gets you out of the “normal” that you may be stuck in. Knowledge, come to find out, really is power!! Power over circumstances, perspective, and even work!

What are you interested in learning? Don’t have time? Grab a podcast playing app and search it! Such a powerful way to spend that morning commute!!

Happy commute!!


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