Follow your dreams, but to reach those hefty goals, you must be well!!

Wellness is key to any dream, hope, or ambition that you have!!

And wellness is not and should not be complicated!! In fact, at it’s core, it’s pretty easy, and comes down to 5 actions:

  • Savor every bite. Eat slowly so you have time to really enjoy the flavors. Plus, if you rush, you’ll likely consume more than the amount that is needed to turn off your hunger hormones.
  • Read the labels … But not for micronutrients! Look at the ingredients! Foods should have very few ingredients. Those lists that are abnormally long are closer to plastic than food and should be left at the store.
  • Know your source of toxins! Some of the worst chemicals help our favorite scents last longer on our hair (shampoo), our clothes and sheets (fabric softeners), and our skin (lotions, deodarent, and body sprays). Are those “sticky” toxins worth the illness they cause? Google the ingredients in your toothpaste, deodarent, and fabric softener. You may decide you can deal with the toxins in your favorite face lotion, but that the documented neurotoxins in your toothpaste freak you out.
  • Get outside! Vitamin D is vital, and we have an amazing (and free) supply, and all we have to do is step outdoors. So, go for a walk or take your coffee beak outside.
  • Increase mobility! Drop the gym membership. If you use it, keep it. Otherwise, drop it. Having that membership makes us believe we have to be there at that time in those clothes to exercise, and that’s simply not true! Exercise is easy, and doesn’t require a membership, a drive, or a uniform! (Your great grandparents were super fit, and they didn’t go to the gym!!) Try dancing around your house to your favorite music, pulling your shopping cart instead of pushing it, doing a single burpie before each bite of dessert, or doing jumping jacks on your break! Small bits of activity throughout the day are guaranteed to improve your health and your mood, and will mean more than that membership you don’t use.
  • Find your joy!!! The secret to life is perspective, and having something to look forward to is ridiculously influential on your perspective of your current situation. So, go roller-skating, take a pottery class, sing in the shower (or on stage), watch the sunrise or sunset, sit in silence under the stars, meditate, plan a coffee-date with a friend, go to a concert, or go on an adventure and drive until you find somewhere you haven’t been before. Find something that brings you joy, and then put it on your schedule in a week or two. You’ll find that that scheduled joy changes your perspective and adds clarity to your real purpose.

Wellness is a positive condition of your mind, body, and soul, and is more than just what you eat!


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