Good Contagious

Often, we forget to smile. Life is full of tasks, to do lists, priorities, decisions, headaches, hassles, and appointments.

But life is also our only opportunity to smile!

A single smile can influence a waitress’ entire day, and is just as powerful in the workplace, at home, and at school.

A smile is worth a thousand tips or several compliments, and is so simple!

Having a Monday? The trick is in the details! Appreciate the detail of that bird trying to fly with that large piece of bread, or the way those old people showed each other affection, or the humor in accidentally wearing mismatched socks. Appreciating the peaceful, bazaar, or comical moments will undoubtedly warm your heart and bring a smile to your face!

Smiles are contagious, and likely the one contagious entity that your coworkers will appreciate, so share often!


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  1. Tabitha, not only do you say this, but you live it! Every time I see you there is a beautiful smile on your face. it is very encouraging and uplifting. Keep up the great work of promoting wellness!

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    1. Thank you!!! Your kind words feel like a warm hug!! I’m so grateful for you!!!


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