Joyful Path

One of my favorite cities in the world is Prague, but my favorite place in all the world is not that showy or exciting. It bolsters humble beauty.

With a canopy of green during the summer and oceans of colorful leaves in the fall, there is no place more endearing than the forest. And add in a sweater, chair, and a mug of aromatic coffee (and a cat!!!), and the stress of the world melts away!

I can’t imagine another place that could provide the same sense of tranquility or joy.

From an aspiring genetist planning to live in a flat in Chicago (and never drive) to my current reality as a working mother enduring a commute for life under a canopy of trees, life is full of surprises!

And even though my romance with beautiful cities ensues, every trip ends with a deep anticipation to drink coffee in the forest!


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