Just the Facts

Darkness and Light

Events are neutral!

Events are neither dark or light, black or white, or good or bad. They are simply events.

Cell phone analogy coming soon, but first, dandelions.

A weed is only a weed if the owner sees no value in what is growing. But that dandelion in the right yard is actually an herb or a perfect salad. The weed in and of itself is not good or bad. It is simply something that grows, so it grew.

Misconception Extraordinaire

It’s a misconception that circumstances are bad and that we must choose happiness.

In reality, the circumstance is completely neutral … Like the weed. Not good or bad.

So imagine how much easier it is to move from bad to good if we actually begin at neutral. It’s like a marathon from bad (starting line) to good (finish line) and being able to start in the middle of the race (neutral). You don’t have to race the first half of the race because you haven’t characterized the event as bad. You’ve noted the event as neutral only, so you get to start from there!!! It’s like getting a head start since you’re half way there already!

It’s less work to be happy when we realize that events are neutral.

Making sense?!

Let’s take an event regarding a cell phone.

(Yay! I know you’re excited!!)

The event is that someone has last year’s I-phone. Having last year’s I-phone is a fact and is neutral. It is not good or bad. It’s just factual.

If someone has an olderolde I-phone after always having had the newest and best, and being the first on the block to have it, being “stuck” using the OLD I-phone is a travesty! But for someone who has had the oldest smart phone (think 5 years ago), having last year’s I-phone is quite epic and incredible!

The positive or negative perception is assigned based off of that person’s experiences.

Leaves are simply leaves. Whether we identify them as good for their beauty or bad for the work they require, they are still just leaves.


We tend to treat everything around us with the same lenses, so if they stubbed their toe getting out of bed, they unconsciously selected the angry yellow lenses, and they will likely wear those lenses until something happens to bring them closer to clear lenses (neutral) or until something truly epic happens to bring them closer to the happy, rose-colored lenses, OR they realize the color of the lenses and switch them out!!

May you wear beautiful and happy rose-colored glasses tomorrow!!!

Be the Sunshine!!!

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