How to Help

If your highway is littered with trees, it’s difficult to go the speed limit!

The same is true in life. If your path is littered with negative self-talk, unhealthy relationships, and toxic environments, it is increasingly difficult to find your way … and is impossible to get anywhere quickly.

The Fix

Fixing your life, or helping a friend fix their life, all starts with the broken record that our brains play. Of the 60,000 thoughts we have during each day, nearly 45,000 are negative, and with that internal melody, it’s no surprise that we’re not hitting our goals.

So change your melody! Record a new mantra!!

Here are my favorites for new thought-hacking collegues:

  • I’m enough
  • I am here for a purpose
  • I choose joy
  • I’m a masterpiece not yet completed

Our thoughts are fragile and can be easily overwritten with practice. So practice daily and slowly the litter in your path will dissipate!


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