Fleeting Law

Time is a law. It moves forward with or without our approval.

It does not stop and ask if you are alright with it. It simply proceeds.

Garfield joined our family when she was a kitten. Now she’s an adult with her own babies. And tomorrow she gets to see the vet to be fixed.

It means change. And her and her babies don’t realize. Tomorrow evening, there will be no more nursing. Tonight is the last night of their perceived normal.

Garfield, female

And I can’t convey the message so that they will understand. I can’t persuade them to enjoy these last few hours more than they did yesterday or the day before.

But change isn’t the culprit. The culprit is time. Time goes at the same speed WITH or WITHOUT our approval. Change is simply here to remind us that time is still moving forward.

So, in advance of change reminding us that time is moving by adding to or removing from our lives, take a moment to be grateful. For people, for health, for jobs, for safety, and for the fine creature comforts of electricity and running water, and the billion other things we take for granted daily.


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