Biological Clock

The Circadian Clock is a biological clock we should all be aware of.

The seasons obey it. Our stomach enzymes respond to it. And when we are in sync with the Circadian Rhyth, we’ll find peace and rest with the ease of wellness!

One way that new, old, and ancient studies demonstrate obeying this schedule is through fasting. Specifically, overnight.

Sleep is often underrated, but many extremely beneficial biological functions happen at night while we sleep, and digestion can get in the way of those functions.

The 13 hour daily fast (specifically, eating during the light and fasring during the dark)is said to fight disease and help you lose weight while you sleep, but the impact on melatonin is what I am most interested in.

Melatonin doesn’t just help you sleep. It helps to facilitate a plethora of other super important functions, and many are related to vitality, cleansing, and immunity.

And even though it’s called a fast, it’s more like scheduling digestion before bed.

Fasting is an important discipline used by every faith and religion, but is often used incorrectly (if at all) in western or homeopathic medicine.

It is an art and science, and as such, there’s a right way and a wrong way, and it all depends on the person: their constitute, current imbalance and maladies, and the preparation they are taking before fasting and the plan following fasting.

With that said, the 13 hour (in the winter, shorter in the summer) fast can benefit every body type!

It is a daily practice of being obedient to the circadian rhythm.

By having our last meal (“supper”: a small supplementary meal) earlier in the evening (5 or 6pm) we are able to allow our bodies to fully digest before bed (ideally before 10pm, especially for those with vata imbalance) so that the energy can be used in all of the other critical “sleeping” functions.

We wake up slightly hungry (sometimes without the alarm) and our body will be able to get rid of the toxins and impurities better in the morning.

This type of fast (eating in the light, fasting in the dark) supports restful, beneficial sleep at night and alertness and memory, as well as energy, during the day.

Intuitevely, many of us already do this, bit if you’re concerned you’ll miss out on your evening snack, I recommend hot spiced tea with milk. It satisfies me through the evening until bed, and because digestion is complete, I don’t wake up heavy!


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