Start with Hope

No matter how old you are, you’re not old enough to quit dreaming.

If you forgot your dream due to life’s distractions, or need direction in finding or pursuing that dream, it starts with “Yes, I can”. Say it. Chant it. And eventually you’ll finish the sentence: “Yes, I can … “.

Sometimes it just takes a long time before the courage, hope, or faith kick in and allow us to declare that we really can do something different,!!!!

Imagine if we gave ourselves authority TODAY to dream, and authority to BELIEVE that we achieve and enjoy whatever that dream is!!?

No obstacles would stand a chance!!!

That is HOPE! And faith is nothing without hope, and dreaming is nothing without faith.

So start with hope!

What are you hoping for?

I hope for peace. As a mom, avid learner, and health practitioner/coach with a seperate full time position in aerospace, some days I have to allow that hope for peace to lead me through my day. And with hope, I have faith that my schedule next week or the following week where it appears I overcommitted will bend and stretch and relax, or that I will have peace in determining which items to reschedule. And with the faith earned through hope, I dream of a full, yet calm calender where I can help others better understand the science, tests, analysis, genetics, and ancient wisdom of wellness.

-Tabitha, Beatific Wellness


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    1. I’m so glad!! 😀😀


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