Keeping the Coffee in the Mug: How to have a Career AND start a business!

For anyone else out there that knows the sucker punch when you discover that only your best friend (and a stranger from the middle east) watched your Facebook live, or the throat gauge of showing up with business cards to a new networking event and finding out that “networking” in the trendy event and dating scene for young professionals, or the face plant after getting an invitation to speak and having to do an impromptu presentation because your audience is exhausted and hangry, and were forced to attend against their free will, then you should know two things:

Joyful Path

One of my favorite cities in the world is Prague, but my favorite place in all the world is not that showy or exciting. It bolsters humble beauty. With a canopy of green during the summer and oceans of colorful leaves in the fall, there is no place more endearing than the forest. And add…