Perfection Ruins Momentum

As you know, I am a podcast junkie … and proud of it!!! And as I break for a few minutes to listen to today’s playlist, I am stuck on the host’s mantra that perfection ruins momentum!

I pause and rewind the podcast, and listen again. …Yeap, that’s me!!

Out of fear of doing it wrong or not knowing enough, I make excuses (wonderful and viable excuses), reasoning that I should wait for perfection! In fact, I have mastered this form of procrastination so well that I no longer realize I am procrastinating!!

My mantra has always been to study, study, study!! Study until I reach perfection!! And in the chemical and scientific community, that mantra works great!! And that mantra has allowed me success in my academic and professional aspirations.

If it wasn’t perfect, I would procrastinate, study and work on it, driving towards the goal, and what I brought to the table was perfect!

But I’m bewildered at the thought that perfection may not always be the correct goal. That sometimes momentum should be the priority.

Surely not!!

But then, I realize it’s like cooking. I am a cook, but I am not a perfect cook. On occasion, there have been crispy eggs or overcooked, tasteless chicken on my family’s table, but it’s not often, and that imperfection is not going to stop me from cooking. (Thankfully, practice will eventually lead to perfection!)

May your momentum be strong enough to resist procrastination!!

Happy Goals!!!


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