As my dear friend Spring re-enters the picture and blesses me with the kind song of the birds and causes my beautiful lillies to begin to wake from their slumber, I’m reminded that change is inevitable, and thankfully a good transition into the next chapter.

For me, this week has been a new chapter in each of my kids’ stories.

I am so grateful to play a role in their stories, but as they get bigger and their stories add on pages, I realize we have very few chapters left where I get to play my current role. Soon, I’ll be like the parents in the Peanuts cartoons that make noise, but are not heard.

A truly small role!

That will be me.

C’est la vie!!!

I heard many elders in France say this often. And rightly so. Somethings are not by our choosing, but are current and true nonetheless. That is change, and that is how I feel as I look at the kid’s baby pictures (that don’t seem that old!!!) after my son drives me around town and my daughter performs flawlessly on the school stage.

Yes, C’est la vie!!!!

But until there are just filled spaces watching the sunset and only two filled seats eating dinner, I will dwell and breathe in every moment of being able to see these kids! These wonderful, astounding main characters in their own stories who allow me hugs! These two perfectly imperfect beings who I adore with every speck of my soul and being. My kids!!!!


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