Stop the Perfection

As you embark and are rapidly overcome by the season, remind yourself that PERFECTION IS NOT HEALTHY!!

Living intentionally, as a better version of ourselves, making healthy choices, meal planning, getting outside, making time for physical exercise and meditation, and then running our thoughts through a model can seem impossible during the holidays.

Just remember to KISS: keep it simple smartypants!

The key is remembering that PERFECTION IS NOT HEALTHY!!

When you put into GPS the location of the grocery store to buy pickles the day of the event (because we can’t have an event without pickles!!) you don’t get to the store in the middle of nowhere with two cars in the parking lot and one cashier, and a broken welcome sign that just reads “wel” (as in good enough) and turn your car around because it isn’t perfect. No. You go into the 70’s grocery store and buy pickles!

Wellness is the same thing. It’s not perfect, but it meets the intent! And this applies more so during the holidays and other stressful, life-changing times, than any other time of your life. So, stop beating yourself up.

Having daily contact with my clients allows them to enjoy the EYE OF THE STORM amongst the holidays! When everything else is crazy, you can be relaxed, focused, content, and intentional!!!

Message me on facebook with your questions (“Beatific Wellness”), and then schedule our first session with this link:


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