Keep It Simple

Wellness is not complicated.

The windows are open, but Rosco Jr. has already planted herself in one of my indoor plants with Gizmo lying intently on the hammock. — Both appear ready to hibernate! 😊

The holidays are upon us, even though it may feel like early September, and as the holidays encroach on our self-perceived “normal” routines, hibernating may sound like a decent option. A relaxing alternative to the temptation, exhaustion, or drama related with the holiday get-togethers, parties, events, and a plethora of active to-do lists.

So as you embark and are rapidly overcome by the season, remind yourself that PERFECTION IS NOT HEALTHY!!

Living intentionally, as a better version of ourselves, making healthy choices, meal planning, getting outside, making time for physical exercise and meditation, and then running our thoughts through a model to ensure that the ‘2-year old running with scissors’ part of our brain isn’t in charge can be daunting even to the most skilled time-manager! Then add in gift-buying, “homemade” card ordering, selecting the perfect recipe baking, cooking, housecleaning, and the other commitments, paired with the cooler temperatures, cold moods, and millions of distractions associated with the season, it can seem like trial by fire! 🔥

So KISS: keep it simple smartypants!

The key is having a third-party that can actively listen, and then pick you up off the ground!!! It’s a non-judgemental sounding board that understands that you were pressured into the cake, that the eclairs followed you home, that your pile of laundry set you on a war page, and that the Netflix induced coma may have been necessary. Because PERCECTION IS NOT HEALTHY!!

When you put into GPS the location of the grocery store to buy pickles the day of the event (because we can’t have an event without pickles!!) you don’t get to the store in the middle of nowhere with two cars in the parking lot and one cashier, and a broken welcome sign that just reads “wel” (as in good enough) and turn your car around because it isn’t perfect. No. You go into the 70’s grocery store and buy pickles!

Wellness is the same thing. It’s not perfect, but it meets the intent! And this applies more so during the holidays and other stressful, life-changing times, than any other time of your life. So, stop beating yourself up.

Having daily contact with your 3rd-party sounding board (known as your coach) is like enjoying the EYE OF THE STORM amongst the holidays and those other elevated times of your life! When everything else is crazy, you can be relaxed, focused, content, and intentional!!!

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