Social Jet Lag

Coined by Dr. Suhas, this epidemic-like pre-disease lifestyle is related to the study of Circadian Rythm.

We can all imagine the effects on our body of a WEEKLY cross country or international flight. Imagine the jet lag and the effect on melatonin, digestion, seratonin, hunger, and brain activity.

That jet lag is what many people purposelly induce weekly due to their social schedule on the weekend. They do well during the week due to their career commitments, but on the weekend, they stay up later, stay in bed later, and after a couple of days, melatonin secretions are far below where they should be, affecting inflammatory response as well as sleep, and all of this affects their digestion, and they wake up Monday morning feeling heavy and groggy, intaking caffeine through the morning and more in the afternoon, painfully depleting the natural bodily cycle. And by Thursday when their digestive system is responding better and their sleep is back to 4 out of 5 stars, they do it all again. …And it’s not just millenials!!

Introducing “Scheduling for Survival”.

Understanding the ramifications of Social Jet Lag on the Circadian Rhythm does not mean getting rid of one’s social calendar, but it does allow us to participate in our wellness by weighing the pros and cons of different lifestyle choices and making adjustments to help mitigate the risks and effects of those less-than-ideal choices. It also raises awareness to how those choices actually made us feel, rather than simply following the trend or fashion.

Join me for a free “Scheduling for Survival” video discussion in my upcoming Facebook Group by sending me a PM.


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