Hype and Health

What is Hype and what is Health??

With so much money at stake in this climate of lobbyists, propaganda, misleading studies, and fix-all ‘magic’ pills, it’s hard to know what is actually healthy, and what is all hype.

35 years ago the president of the American Heart Association said that a low-fat diet would eradicate heart disease. He was misled. The seven country study that provided the evidence to prove the correlation between heart disease and fat intake actually studied a total of 22 countries, but those other countries didn’t fit the intended model, so the researcher chose not to include it. Had the data been correctly tabulated and a model created to fit the data rather than adjusting the data to fit his intended model, it would have shown the correlation between carbohydrates and heart disease, not fats alone.

Nonetheless, our American food markets were challenged to provide low-fat and no-fat alternatives, so they did! Carbohydrate consumption has dramatically increased, as has the prevalence and risk of heart disease.

Side note: for women especially, one of the first signs of heart disease is death. Startling!

So, what is health and what is Hype? EASY! Eat foods with life force, fewer ingredients are better, add leafy greens, eat what’s in season, hydrate, plant your feet in the soil, become aware of and minimize toxins, and pay attention to HOW you live. It’s less important what is on the fork than what you are doing when the fork enters your mouth. And remember that stress is poison!

Helping women make educated decisions about their health based on facts and science (not fad or hype) is my passion. I have been know from experience that there is no magic pill. If you want to feel better, it takes action! And mis-guided action is as bad as no action at all.

If you’ve decided you want to make a change, having constant (as needed) contact with an educated practitioner that looks at you as a whole person is paramount!! You can do this, and I can help.



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